Labor and delivery bag for a natural birth

Labor and delivery bag for a natural birth

With my due date less then 3 weeks away and our midwife already on call I thought it was time to pack the bag for our natural birth!

Packing for the arrival of your baby is super exciting and makes everything even more real. You choose the first outfit he or she will wear and pack the first diaper you will put their little butt in.

Besides the cute stuff for the baby and things for your partner priority is that you have everything you need in order to be comfortable and relaxed.

To stay on top of things I sorted everything for myself into two groups : During birth and After birth. 

But let’s start with the things I will need during labor: 

  • Comfy clothes! I want to stay active during birth so I am bringing a pair of Jogging pants that allow my to move freely and a long t-shirt for when I am taking my pants off. My midwife told me to bring wool socks as well, so grandmas home knit socks will come in handy.


  •  Massage oil. During pain a little massage from your partner can help you relax and will   loosen up your muscles. According to our midwife especially the sacrum can hurt and a  soft rub with an oil you like can bring relief.


  •  Snacks. From what I heard most woman tend to not eat during labor since they are just totally in their flow. The only thing I am bringing is some grape sugar if I need a little energy booster. If I do get really hungry along the way we will just call a delivery service.


  • Music. Got that one song that always get’s you going? Put it on your phone or mp3 player and even bring a little speaker if you want to listen to it out loud.


  • Lip balm. That might seem random but our midwifes told us that most people get really dry lips during birth because of heavy breathing and not drinking so much, so lip balm is packed as well.

For the birth I am keeping the “material things” to a minimum while my focus lays on bringing my breathing techniques, positions and a good mindset.

For after giving birth I will bring this:

  • Change of clothes. Again comfy comfy comfy is key. I packed different joggers, t-shirt, underwear, nursing bra, socks and a cozy jacket. 


  • Towels. I probably want to freshen up before going home so I am bringing a big towel and some face clothes.


  • Pads. I am packing the huge pads that will probably not even fit in my normal underwear as well as some nursing pads. (You might have to consider buying bigger underwear that will fit these massive pads.)


  • Toiletries. That is very individual for every person. I will only bring a couple of things like a toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste and a face cream with me.

Since we are planning on going to a birthing centre where you are supposed to go home shortly after the baby is born the list for afterwards is rather short since we are not planning on staying a couple of nights.

Besides everything you need for the birth make sure you also bring your important documents like:

  • personal ID
  • insurance card
  • maternity record

now we can move on to the easy part – What to bring for the baby:

For the baby I am bringing the homecoming outfit which is:

  • onesies
  • pants with feet (check out how to sew them yourself here)
  • wrap sweater
  • socks and a hat
  • wool suit

Other then that I packed diapers, my knitted baby blanket and of course the car seat.

Now last but now least your partner:

Most likely your partner will be with you from the very beginning to the end so it is important that he has everything he needs to be comfortable as well. For my husband I am bringing some extra clothes and a towel and before we’ll leave he will throw in his toothbrush and some other essentials that are important for him.

I hope this list was useful in order to help you find out what you need for your natural birth. When I packed I tried to think of everything I like to have when I am in pain and want to be more comfortable. Focus on the essentials and find what works for you.

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